Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Avril's first dentist visit

Today Avril had her first dentist visit. MJ had prepared for this visit long time including buying two books about visiting dentists, watching Charlie and Lola going to dentist office with mom. Avril had enough background knowledge before the visit. She knew she can get some toys, dentist would show her how to brush her teeth, there would be a big machine looking chair, etc.
But we were still not sure how she would react this morning. During our previous doctor visits, Avril always resisted opening her mouth, not wanting the doctor to touch her.
This morning as soon as we walked into the waiting room. Avril was taken by the computer game, she played the joystick watching the little person moving, jumping... after she lost interest, there were so many other toys that she wanted to play with. That was a good start.
After we sat down in dentist office, while waiting, MJ tried to lie down himself to watch the DVD from the ceiling. Avril was cautious, refused lying down. We thought this would be hard. Dr Quo came in, introduced himself to Avril, and asked her back: What is your name?
Avril quietly answered.
Then Dr Quo talked about how to brush teeth with a big teeth model. I can see Avril relaxed a little. Then Dr Quo continued:
Let's count your teeth. You will get a prize after this.
It was a set of a cup, tooth brush etc.
Amazingly, Avril was willing to lie down, with me holding her hand. Before the dentist was ready, Avril kept her mouth wide open waiting. I almost felt the dentist took too long to get ready.
Everything went very well. Avril now has very clean, shiny teeth. She got the prize, and a little extra bonus. A coin to the vending machine outside where she can pick a gift.
It was a pleasant journey to her, I can see her enjoy this place a lot. When we got to the daycare afterwards, she proudly showed her clean teeth to her daycare teachers and friends. Quite an accomplishment to her.
Given our super good experience, I will put the doctor information here.

Brian C. Quo, DDS, MS
882-A Emerson St.
Palo Alto, CA 94301 (650) 853-8883

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