Friday, November 14, 2008

Lovely little mouse

This series has been one of Avril's favourite books. It is simple and cute. Very easy to understand for a two year old. I have also used these books to teach Avril Chinese. The lines repeat page by page.
For example:

"this vest is petty, can I borrow it'- duck asks the little mouse
'this vest is so pretty, can I borrow it -- a pig asks the duck
in the end, the vest became too big when elephant gets it:)

It was written by a Japanese couple in the 70s, and translated into Chinese.

By the end of the book, my good memory two-year-old daughter can memorize a few Chinese charactors. Now she is almost 3, she can read most parts of these books.

You can get them on Amazon China

1~6 on Amazon

7~12 on Amazon

I tried to find them in English, only fount 1 on eBay.

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