Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have been using Excel for my simple money management. In the past two years, I always started in January, then stopped in June. It is not easy to always remember to write everything down.

Yesterday I found Yodlee. It is exactly what I am looking for. A place with one login where you can view all your bank accounts, credit cards. So far I still have trouble setting up my ING account, always got a time out error.

But overall I am happy.

I have never tried MS money, but my experience with Quicken was not good. It offered much more than my simple needs. Because it is more for professionals, I found it is confusing and tedious to use. All I want to know is how much I spend, where I spend. Yodlee gave me exactly that.

I still have complaints, but overall, I am very happy with what I found.


Jordan said...

It's good to hear you're liking Yodlee!

ING is one of the hardest sites to get working because of the insane level of security questions they ask, but it should be working fairly well in the current version of Yodlee. If you're still having trouble, click the "Submit Service Request" link in the upper right and fill in "Yodlee PersonalFinance" -> "Add and Manager Account". Then Yodlee customer care will check if it's a bug in the Yodlee system or something you might be doing wrong.

We really like suggestions from our users as well. Head on over to our Yodlee Forum (http://forum.yodlee.com/) and give your comments and enhancement suggestions.

..Jordan, Yodlee

Kai said...

wow, a surprise:)
I did submit a service request.Being an engineer myself,I can imagine what challenges you face,I wrote a few more detail reviews about Yodlee in Chinese because I was excited.First time ever in my life I have an exact record of how my money spent. You did a great job.

I do have a few ideas I wish I can get out of Yodlee, when I get time, I will write them down.